The core of your facility is the staff that you employ.  Your staff represents your desire and ability to provide excellent patient care.  Alliance Nurse Core, Inc. offers a supplement to that staffing core when the need may arise.  With the ever-changing health care industry, staffing may fluctuate at a moments notice and that is where we can help.


Alliance Nurse Core, Inc.'s executive board of directors contains over 60 years of nursing knowledge and expertise.  We understand how difficult it is to maintain superior patient care with limited and untrained staffing.  We can offer thoroughly screened and competency tested staff to alleviate your staffing needs.


Exceptional patient care requires an alliance of health care professionals.  In addition to nurses we can also staff the allied health services needed for overall quality patient care.  These services include Radiology, Respiratory Therapy, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy, Pharmacy Technicians, and Surgical Technicians.  


To remain cost effective we do not rely on expensive advertising medias to recruit qualified employees, instead we utilize an extensive network of contacts and referrals.  With the use of supplemental staffing the increase in census is an increase in your profit.  Having less closed wings due to inadequate staffing is what we can offer by supplying experienced, ready to work employees to meet your high volume seasons.  When the census returns to normal you will not have to cut hours from your dedicated staff. 


The strength is within your core and our experienced staff can start immediately to help maintain your facilities high standards and expectations.

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